Sponsor Research

Sponsor Research

UC Davis offers an extensive range of opportunities to connect world-leading researchers and technologies with industry partners in order to drive innovation and economic impact. The university’s mission of discovering and disseminating knowledge creates an environment conducive to the creation of intellectual property for the benefit of society.

Office of Corporate Relations staff will work with you to tailor your connections within the university to best meet your research needs.

Types of Projects
Fee for Service Activities
World-Leading Research
Clinical Trials
Working Together
Each industry-sponsored project is led by a Principal Investigator (PI) at the university who directs the research, shapes the resulting technology, and is responsible for the scientific coordination with the sponsoring company based upon the company’s needs, expectations and desired outcomes.

Confidentiality and intellectual property management are integral to any research interaction enabling our corporate research partners to commercialize the resulting technology. University policy and guidelines frame our collaborations with industry and obligations to the university in these interactions.

Getting Started
Ready to take the next step? Our Office of Corporate Relations works with companies whose interests range from accessing to cutting-edge basic research to collaborating on technology commercialization. We can introduce you to existing research programs, connect you with experts or guide you towards opportunities that best match your specific research needs.