Why Partner with UC Davis

Why Partner with UC Davis?

As a leading public research university, receiving over 700 million in annual research funding, UC Davis excels in generating innovative discoveries from multidisciplinary research. Our team approach combines creative thinkers, problem solvers and innovators to unlock solutions for some of the most complex challenges faced by industry.


World-Leading Research

A global leader in impact for the life and earth sciences, faculty at UC Davis perform cutting-edge research and offer advanced capabilities that enable technology development.


Cross-Disciplinary Excellence

As one of the most academically comprehensive campuses in the world, UC Davis brings together leading engineers, scientists, and medical professionals to solve some of society’s most complex challenges.


Synergies in Technology Development

With a nationally ranked medical center, world-class veterinary and agricultural programs and rapidly growing biomedical engineering expertise, UC Davis is uniquely positioned to realize One Health and engineering synergies.


Focused on Addressing Societal Needs

Developing technologies and applications that benefit society is core to the mission of UC Davis.

Opportunities for Partnerships
Access to UC Davis faculty, students, post-doctoral researchers and state-of-the-art educational and research facilities offers many opportunities for your organization to partner with us.
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Getting Started
Ready to take the next step? Our Office of Corporate Relations can guide you through the process and help you identify opportunities based on your specific needs.